Sunday, May 1, 2011

V.A.P. Releases

Here is a list of what we have released so far. Almost everything is still available... but please note that some items are indicated as being low in stock (and we don't trade those so don't ask!) so if you see that when you are making your selection simply list an alternative release or just ask if we have it first.

All prices include postage!!!! We're trying to keep it affordable for everyone so we appreciate your patronage and support. 

If you wish to place an order simply email us at and we will provide you with a mailing address to send your order form, or our paypal information. We prefer paypal.
U.S. dollars only please, we cannot take foreign currency.

Trades are welcome but only on a very selective basis... 

VAP-001: Fornicator "Demo 2000" cassette
(Previously unreleased demo from Portland Oregon's most vile and brutal death metal band, only 100 copies made. Finally after 10 years the world is ready to be violated again. Split release with No Visible Scars. Two different album covers were made, one to represent each label involved. Do not confuse this feature for being two different releases, it's the same recording and layout otherwise. Also ours is the only official one ever produced, sanctioned by Rob Fornicator himself and any others that exist should be considered bootlegs) 
***SOLD OUT***

VAP-002: Moved Beyond Murder/ Diseased Oblivion / Sodomitical Anguish "3 Revelations to a Nuclear Funeral" split cassette 

(Anti-human harsh drone, power electronics and industrialized doom in a 3 way death orgy, limited to 100 copies for underground noise maniacs. Your pre-programed poser ass has never heard anything like this, I guarantee it! Split release with Degenerate Slime Distro.)
***SOLD OUT***

VAP-003: "Drenched In Piss" Compilation Pro Manufactured CDR 

(co-released with Histoplasmosis Records and Tampon Titwank. 34 tracks of extremely underground brutal bands, for obsessive gore/porno freaks only! Featuring The Anal Tag Team, Cemetery Rapist, Ingrown, Paedo Nanny, Vaginal Cadaver, and PxOxMxIxVx among many others. Limited edition of 60 copies) 
***SOLD OUT***

VAP-004: Stab! "The Birkenau Tapes" cassette

(All the best parts of GG Allin, The Mentors, Vaginal Jesus and Anal Cunt slammed into one nasty orgy of maxed out distortion and rockin' retard hate-sludge. Originally intended for a split release prior to V.A.P.'s inception but the other band chickened out so we pounced at the opportunity and made it a solo release. Features a Brainbombs cover song! All copies come with a 1" Stab! logo button. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies)

VAP-005: Reclusa "Doorway to the Perpetual Suffering" cassette

(An utterly brutal combination of Godflesh, Wormphlegm and (electronic) Beherit with some other obscure influences. Slipping into cold dark ambient passages of hellish introspection, only to resurface in oppressive despondency. As the sound clip at the beginning of the album so accurately states, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here". Limited to 125 copies with slip covers in in 4 different colors. One of our nicest looking releases to date!!!)

VAP-006: Vomitoma "Coagulated Dialysis of Partial Disintegrated Viscerosolids" Digipac CD (The newest Vomitoma CD, consisting of newer material that was recorded in 3 different sessions from 2009/2010. Musically equal to the sound of a bulldozer that runs on hard drugs plowing through a blockade of rotting cadavers in a sewer tunnel littered with medical waste and toxic sludge. 47 sickening tracks total. 1,000 copies pressed for maximum repugnance. Fans of early Carcass, Last Days of Humanity, Cock and Ball Torture, 2 Minuta Dreka, Lymphatic Phlegm, Autophagia and other such bands take notice!)

$6 USA / $8 WORLD

VAP-007: Raseri "Machinery Accidents" cassette 

(HARSH power electronics from Sweden. A nihilistic swirl of hostile frequencies sure to drive you over the edge. In the style of old school harsh noise and experimental power electronics like Genocide Organ, Atrax Morgue, Gruntsplatter, Brighter Death Now, Prurient, SPK, etc... Recommended for experienced noise addicts only, art fags and newcomers beware! Presented on DIY style tapes with brutal cut n paste artwork to preserve that feeling of old times.)

VAP-008: Colostomy Filter / Vomiting Shit "Toilet Plumes" split cassette

(Nothing can prepare you for the offensive swirl of frenzied fecal frequencies that will assault your ear drums after you press play. This monster shit of a split has finally been passed after months of saving up and freaking out and it's ready to soil your speakers. Colostomy Filter come out swinging with their trademark spastic rush of guttural sewer-shock grind and sick samples, then just when you think you're ready to clean up and move on with life... Vomiting Shit hits you in the colon with an over sized enema full of extreme noise grind and ruins any chance of leaving the house for the rest of the day. Co-released with maximum filth monger's Degenerate Slime Distro. Limited to 125 copies on tape, and 25 DIE-HARD FECAL FREAK CDR's in slim line dvd box inside a REAL medical waste bag from a nearby hospital. Don't worry, the bag contains no bio-hazardous material... we'll leave it up to you sickos to fill em up.)
$ 6 USA / $8 WORLD(Please specify if you are ordering the tape or CD version. Very Limited stock for the CD) (LAST COPIES)

VAP-009: Fellatrix Morgue "Mortuary Rape" cassette 

(Blacker then the ancient ass of a once raped and rotting nun, Fellatrix Morgue's aberrant noise and morbid aesthetics were irresistible to Vaginal Apocalypse Prod. the moment it's malodorous stench reached our depraved nostrils. Of course we had to share it with this dying world!!! Acolytes of black metal and harsh noise alike should duly take note of these necro-frequencies. Limited to 66 wretched copies confined inside a crystal clear soft poly case.)

VAP-010: Cemetery Piss "Rest In Piss" cassette
(From the drug infested streets of Baltimore Maryland, a new breed of scathing Black Metal is born. Bred from blasphemy and raised on filth... Cemetery Piss have arrived to to defile all your feeble virtues. Sacrilege, violence and depravity is the reality of their realm. This debut effort is sure to leave it's stain on the scene. Limited to 100 urinary desecrations with patch + lyric card)


VAP-011: Nephilim Subspecies "The Human Alien Agenda" cassette 

(Recorded at a time in Earth's orbit when it is closest to the ancient world of Nibiru for maximum gnostic fidelity. Obscure death metal from the bizarre depths of mankind's alien past. Limited to 25 numbered copies.)
***SOLD OUT***

VAP-012: Cunt Pus Ingurgitator "Disemboweled For Postmortem Porn" cassette

(26 untitled tracks of harsh, noisy porno-grind, guaranteed to fuck your speakers up and damage your hearing!!! From the demented brain of Bob Macabre, better know for his work with 'Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment'. This newest project cums on cunt-pus purple cassette shells with brutal black and white artwork. 50 copies pressed. Only true morgue whores and rapists need apply.)
$6 USA / $8 WORLD

VAP-013: Torturecide s/t cassette
(Top shelf power electronics! Musically well constructed and executed. Totally anti-human sound loops and scathing layers of static built over murderous screams and hateful recitations. Originally released by Slaughter Productions, this officially sanctioned reissued cassette version comes in special packaging and has the same basic artwork/layout to emulate the original CDR release. Only 100 copies made for all the underground noise freaks who missed their chance to get an original copy back in 2005. A must have for fans of Genocide Organ, Subklinik, Mortuor, Atrax Morgue, NON and Prurient. This release is dedicated to Mark Williams from Hickory, NC who passed away earlier this year.)
~~OUT NOW!!!~~ $6 plus postage, special packaging.

VAP-014: Nekrofilth "Maniac! On Hooker Avenue" cassette
(Finally out after many delays! But well worth the wait. Scum-metal stalwarts Nekrofilth make a return to the cassette format after 2 successful vinyl releases with Hell's Headbangers. This recording features a mix of new and old tracks performed live on the radio in Cleveland Ohio last December and clocks in at just under 30 minutes. Great in your face sound quality too. Featuring all original artwork drawn just for this release on an ambitious 6 panel insert printed on matte card stock paper. Perfect for cutting out lines of coke or transporting LSD to school. 200 copies manufactured to saturate the underground scene with filth. Whores and junkies who enjoy Nunslaughter, The Mentors, Repulsion, NME, Slaughter (CAN), GG Allin, and other raw pissed off shit will want to have this to pawn for dope money later. T-shirts coming soon!!!)

$8 USA / $10 WORLD