Monday, April 25, 2011

An introduction...

Vaginal Apocalypse Productions is an underground extreme music label, dedicated to all things vile and dark or just plain tasteless. Cassette tape releases are the primary focus of our work but we do CD's too. We've been releasing shit for about a year now, you might have seen it around or heard about, but maybe never knew it was our fault. Well, after some time it was decided to make ourselves a little more accessible, hence this "blog". Despite a crippling lack of orders and support from the slums of the "underground scene" last year and no true established modern online persona to speak of, we have staggered on and persisted in the name of bad taste and fanaticism. You can expect more of the same throughout 2011 and beyond.

We primarily release gore grind, death/black metal, doom, power electronics and harsh noise but there is no single genre we cater to exclusively. The only prerequisites are subversion, negativity or disruption. We do not censor our artists and are releases are not for the weak minds of the herd nor the easily offended. Some of the bands we have done releases for so far include Fornicator, Reclusa, Vomitoma, Stab! and Raseri. We've also done co-op releases with fellow underground die-hard labels Degenerate Slime Distro, No Visible Scars and Histoplasmosis Records.We are almost always down to do a release if the material fits our ideology so feel free to make yourself known if you have a band or a project. Just understand that a reply doesn't guarantee you an album on our label, so don't get butt hurt if we can't do it or turn you down... because we don't give a shit how you feel anyhow.

In the near future, you will be able to find updates about the label's activities and releases on this page, and maybe the occasional editorial or rant, but if you visit our myspace page here you shall also be able to listen to full track songs from VAP artists and look at some pictures of the tapes and CD's we've put out. 

Our full list of releases available for sale will be posted soon, there is much work to be done as of late and we're checking it all off the list one thing at a time. We thank you in advance for your dedication to the lifestyle and support of our endeavors.

That is all for now.


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