Thursday, January 16, 2014

To anyone left who follows...

All available V.A.P. releases and more can be purchased online directly through me now, without having to send an email. Here is the link:

Its VERY easy to use, just like bigcartel, or virtually any other paypal fueled check out system. But if you are not technologically advanced feel free to contact me at for old-fashioned ordering. 

Jenkem "I'm Glad You're Dead" CD is due out in about a month or two and will more than likely be the last release under the V.A.P. banner, due to an overwhelming lack of support/interest/motivation/finances. Our mission of destructive negativity has finally reached it's climax. Implosion is imminent. Thanks however to all the various distros that carried the stuff over the years and supported that way, hoping you will help spread this release as well.

That is all.

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